Best tips when selling stuff online

Best tips when selling stuff online

Technology has made the world a global village. Buying and selling of stuff have become easier than before thanks to the internet. Many people are making profits from the comfort of their homes thanks to selling stuff online. To sell stuff online, you need an online business which requires a minimum of $10 and $2,000 to set up. Click on the highlighted link on how to sign up to sell avon online only. Let us look at some of the tips when selling stuff online;

Best tips



To sell online, you need a platform that will connect you with your clients. Your website will be the platform for you and your customers. Setting up a new website involves a lot of work. You will need to buy a domain and host your site. After hosting your site, you can then begin ranking your website by writing unique content. Bear in mind that the search engines love fresh and unique content. You can also buy authority links so that your website ranks higher.

Choose your niche

Carefully choose the niche that you intend to trade in. Selecting a niche is one of the most involving tasks that you can engage in as far as e-commerce is concerned. You can choose a product that is either competitive or that which is not competitive. However, if you want to enjoy selling stuff online, sell stuff that you enjoy. This will give you an ample time when writing its reviews in a bid to convince your customers.

Make it easy for the buyers to purchase

It is critical to making it easy for the customers to purchase the products you are selling online. Kindly note that a new visitor to your site has only ten seconds to either leave your website or continue browsing. Do not put an obstacle on the way as they browse through since they can quickly leave your website and look for another one. Your website must be customer-friendly. Some of the golden rules when engaging buyers online include

  • Do not make it mandatory for visitors to register every time they visit your website
  • Make the navigation and scrolling of your site easy
  • The buying process should not be too long

Customer care service


Customer care service is equally important because it will determine whether buyers will buy from you or will choose an alternative seller. One thing that most buyers usually look for before buying something is the reassurance from the seller that indeed they are getting value for their money. Always provide your clients with that reassurance. Offer a guarantee and warranty on the goods that you sell. This is one way that you prove to the customer that you have confidence in the products that you sell.



Advantages of eyelashes extensions

Advantages of eyelashes extensions

Eyelashes extensions have become very common in the current generation. Most people prefer having the eyelashes extensions because they are very convenient. This is because many people find it hard to get the right mascara and do not like the strip lashes because of the pain one goes through when putting them. This professional when bond the eyelashes appropriately and will stay for long without falling off. If the eyelashes extensions are not well fixed, they can fall off easily and even damage them. However, there are various reasons as to why eyelashes extensions are good for you. Listed here are some of the benefits.

Eyelashes extensions are light and natural

The extensions for your eyelashes are made in a way that they are very light that you cannot feelywhsjsi them when on. The eyelashes, on the other hand, look very natural such that one cannot even realize that they are just fixed. As opposed to strip lashes individual eyelashes are applied to your lashes, and you will not feel any pain during the procedure. Similarly the with the eyelashes extensions you will not worry about when you will next apply your glue to avoid the eyelashes from falling off.

Time-saving factor

hshsgGetting ready for work in the morning can be tricky more so if you have a lot of work before living the house. Doing your make can be stressing if you do not have enough time for it. When doing your mascara, you can even get blobs on the eyelids. However, if you have the eyelashes extensions, you will not be in this scenarios since you will not need the mascaras for your make up. This will save you time to concentrate on the other parts of the makeup like applying your foundations. Even at the end of the day, you will not waste time washing the eyelashes because you do not require using your mascara.

Enhances eyelashes look

If you are among the individuals, who do not have long and full eyelashes then having eyelashes extensions would serve a great deal in this case. The eyelashes are applied to your natural eyelashes and hence will enhance your look by making the eyelashes long and looking full. You will not have the stress of using mascara if you do not know how to use it.…

How to Find Eye Creams That Work

How to Find Eye Creams That Work

When you are choosing your eye cream, it is important to note that not all eye creams are created equal. This means that when you are making your purchase, you should know some of the factors to consider before you make your final purchasing decision. However, if you have decided to purchase these creams, make sure that you go for those creams that contain natural ingredients only. This is an essential tip to put into consideration because eye creams with natural ingredients are not likely to cause effects on your skin.

When you are making your selection, it is advisable to ensure that you know the right eye cream that will suit your needs. This means that you will research and at least understand some of the essential tips you are recommended to follow. Never make a mistake of choosing an eye cream if you do not know its uses and how it works. You can visit your doctor or some of the online sites such as eyecreamadvisor to know some of the types of eye creams. Below are some of the tips on how to find eye creams that work.

Ingredients that are used

oikuytrdessdxfgvhbjkThis should be the first tip you need to consider before you select the best eye cream. During your research, you are likely required to know some of the best ingredients that a good cream should have. Some of the ingredients you should check are Vitamin C and E, Acai berries, and green tea. These are the best ingredients that provide the skin with a high level of antioxidants that reduces the effects of toxins on your skin.

Ask friends and relatives

This is also another useful tip that can help you to find the best eye cream product that works. If some of your relatives or colleagues have ever used these products, they will be ready to share the experience they received. You are therefore required to listen to their opinions before you make your conclusion. With the help of your friends and family members, you will pick the best eye cream that will meet your various needs.


oikuytresdfgvhjkIf you are planning to buy your eye creams, make sure that you are well prepared regarding cash. You need to know the exact amount of money you will spend on these products before going to the market. You will realize that most of these products are sold at a reasonable price based on the ingredients that they contain.…

Hey I’m Chris and Welcome to my Blog!

Hey I’m Chris and Welcome to my Blog!

Hey I’m Chris and Welcome to my Blog!

The Scene out of my favorite movieAnother year comes to a close, and once again it’s time for my top 10 favorite movies of the year, this year 2015. I love my top 10 list, so I’m going to get right into this, but first of all, we need some preliminaries. Some ground rules here between us. First of all, I have not seen every movie that has come out in 2015. I know this. This happens every year. Every year there are movies I just don’t see. It’s okay. The world has kept spinning every year I’ve done this, which is about half a decade. It will continue to spin this next year because of it. I also know and accept that I have seen every movie I am going to see in 2015, so there is very little reason to postpone this video any longer. Every year there is that one movie that gets a limited release in December, and then gets a wider release in January, and I don’t get to see it until January after I do my top 10 favorite movies of that year.

Here’s a list of my most favorite movies this year

This year it’s The Revenant. I don’t know if The Revenant would make my top 10 list. I haven’t seen it. I’m not psychic but, so happens I won’t see it until January. Sorry about that. I really want to see The Revenant, but of the movies I have seen this year, these are my 10 favs. Remember this is my very subjective top 10 list. These are not reviews of the movies. In fact, the movies on this list, they might not have the best acting. They might not have the most solid script. They might not have the best cinematography. They don’t need it in order to be my favorites. This is my list. This is what touched me in here. This is what hit me where I live. For those of you who are here to have fun with the top 10 list, let’s talk about my top 10 favorite movies of 2015.

Starting off this list is Bridge of Spies.

I ultimately rolled a 3-sided dice for number 10. I do that every year. These movies could all be number 10, but in this one, I’m doing Bridge of Spies. Bridge of Spies was just an intriguing movie. I love the Cold War era. I love the conflict. I love the strife. I love how no shots were fired. It was just all espionage and information. Steven Spielberg showed us he’s still got it. He can direct tension. He can make us root for a normal guy who shouldn’t be in that situation, who was the perfect guy to negotiate that situation.

Coming up next, Ex Machina.

two guys looking like they are a little bit retarded

This is one of those movies like I said in my review, the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. This was an intriguing movie. Ultimately, 3 characters in the entire movie. The performances in this movie alone blew my mind. Oscar Isaac in this movie, I was like, “I will probably like you in everything. Holy shit, you’re in a Star Wars movie!” You thought he was great in Star Wars? Different kind of great in Ex Machina, but still great. It’s a movie about humanity, telling it with artificial intelligence. It reminded me of my favorite episode of The Twilight Zone ever. I’ll tell you here. I didn’t tell you in my review. I didn’t want to spoil it, but it’s The Howling Man. Once I made that connection, it was almost doomed to be on my top 10 list.

next was the surprise of the summer for me, Straight Outta Compton.

This movie was an interesting biopic. Not going to lie, the neighborhood I grew up in, they were the ones stomping on the NWA CDs. It was really fascinating for me to see a fictionalized version of what happened from the other side of the fence. I enjoyed it. I was intrigued. I was hooked. I loved the music. I’m not going to lie to you. I bought the NWA CD. It’s in my car right now. I listen to it quite often.

Next one on our list, James Bond got a facelift for a new generation.

Kingsman: The Secret Service. This was the most fun I’ve had in a spy movie that knew it was a ridiculous spy movie. A movie very rarely knows exactly what it is. This movie knew it was James Bond for a new generation. It had cool gadgets. It had kickassery. It has a ridiculous bad guy who ate McDonald’s. The church shootout scene alone in Kingsman probably gave it a place in my top 10 list. The last shot in this movie is admittedly a bit awkward, but who cares? The rest of the movie is so kickass.

you won’t know what it is. The original came out in the 70s.

the famous moment of the movie

It captured everyone’s heart. Now a new chapter comes out in 2015 uses most of the notes from the original, if not making it a complete retelling of the original, but we all love it anyway. That’s right. It’s Creed. Creed was an extension of the Rocky universe done in the perfect way. It had kickass fights. It had great characters. It integrated Sylvester Stallone perfectly with the story and got one of the best performances out of him we’ve seen in a long time. In terms of the Rocky universe, this is right up there with the original Rocky itself.

next on the list Quentin Tarantino’s, The Hateful Eight.


Like Ex Machina, after I saw the movie, I was like, “The more I think about this, the more I just love the shit out of it.” It’s almost a cheat when Tarantino comes out with a new movie. I’m like, “It’s probably going to be on my list.” The guy just captivates us with dialogue. In this case, he has given us a mystery. A mystery that is probably better the second time you watch it. I haven’t seen it a second time yet, but I really want to. I will say The Hateful Eight gave me the most unique cinematic experience of 2015. In that, it’s really hard to place it somewhere on this list. To say it’s better because of this or not as good as the other movies because of that. I wish more movies gave you the experience that The Hateful Eight gave me, but I’m glad they don’t because that makes The Hateful Eight a little more special. Pretty solid batting average for Tarantino at this point.

Now, this movie is a movie I guess some people thought I hated, Mad Max: Fury Road.

I’m not even lying to you guys. I met a fan at PAX, and he was like, “I got a bone to pick with you, man. How come you didn’t like Mad Max: Fury Road?” I was like, “What?” Yeah, it’s really weird. I guess when I said I’d buy Mad Max: Fury Road on Blu-Ray it meant, “Hey, I only buy shitty movies.” No, not the case. I buy movies that are pretty fucking cool. Mad Max: Fury Road is one of those movies. Mad Max: Fury Road was exciting. It was fun. The movie doesn’t stop. It is a kickass, cool ass movie that showed us that practical effects, hey guess what, it makes a movie better. Again, apparently most movies on this list, the more I watched it, the more I was like, “Oh yeah, it’s great. It’s great! It’s better.” Another fun movie that knows it’s a fun kickass movie. You can’t ask for more than that.

number 3 was the best Pixar movie I have seen in years, that’s Inside Out.

For me, Inside Out was just pure genius. Someone was like, “It’s just a movie explaining puberty.” I was like, “Yeah! You’re telling me how cool the movie is because that’s a genius concept.” It has heart. It has the feels. It has a great premise, a unique premise. I laughed, I cried, I saw the movie again. I laughed more. I cried more.

Number 2. Like usual, number 2 and number 1, I almost had to flip a coin to see what went where because I love both for very different reasons.

Coming in at number 2 that’s The Martian.

I really dont know who this isUnlike most movies I watch, I actually read the book before I saw the movie because it just sounded like a genius concept. I read the book, and it was a great book, and then I saw the movie, and it was a great movie based on a great book that I read. This is an updated …